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Top Rated American Heart Association AHA BLS CPR Classes in Los Angeles, CA

Looking for the premiere hands-on and in-person CPR and First Aid training experience? You’ve come to the right place. CPR Certification Los Angeles proudly delivers the finest education for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), Automated External Defibrillator (AED), Basic Life Support (BLS), and First Aid, at the lowest price. Our CPR AED Certification and CPR Training is certified by the American Heart Association (AHA). Whether you are required to do the training for your job or you’re simply a good samaritan, you will walk away from our classes with everything you need to help save a life. All employers accept our certification — and you will leave completely confident to help anyone in an emergency, using what you’ve learned! Join us at a time that is convenient for you at our Los Angeles training site — or schedule your on-site CPR class for medium to large groups in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Manhattan Beach, Malibu, Hermosa Beach, Laguna Beach, Redondo Beach, West Hollywood, Newport, Beach, Anaheim, Pasadena, Culver City, Long Beach, and Hollywood.

BLS CPR & AED Classes


American Heart Association AHA BLS CPR and AED Certification

Our CPR classes in Los Angeles are certified under the American Heart Association (AHA) and equip you for Basic Life Saving (BLS) Healthcare Provider CPR and AED use.

Sample American Heart Association AHA BLS CPR Card Certification from CPR Certification Los Angeles

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BLS CPR, AED + First Aid Classes


American Heart Association AHA BLS CPR and AED Certification & First Aid Certification

These First Aid and CPR classes are the best emergency and CPR training you can receive. Our training is certified by the American Heart Association (AHA) — equipping you with the AHA BLS CPR and AED Healthcare Provider certification that employers require!

Sample American Heart Association AHA BLS CPR Card Certification and First Aid Certification Card from CPR Certification Los Angeles

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Los Angeles’s Best CPR Certification

Know CPR. Make a difference. Save a life.

CPR Certification Los Angeles equips individuals with the CPR and First Aid training they need to help save someone who is suffering from cardiac arrest or a breathing emergency. Our courses meet regularly every week at our facility in Los Angeles; we also provide on-site CPR training for medium to large groups in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Irvine, Beverly Hills, Lucerne Valley, Pasadena, Newport Beach, and beyond.

Each year, thousands of lives could be saved if more people knew how to perform CPR and First Aid. Unfortunately, 70% of Americans do not train in CPR. From accidents to heart events, you can have the training to help people in need and save lives, while waiting for first responders.

If you’re unsure if you need CPR training, know that —

  • Most victims of heart events seem like they are in good health
  • Four out of five cardiac arrest episodes happen in the home
  • In the US, unintentional injury is the third leading cause of death
  • You may need to use your training on someone you know personally

You can be fully prepared for any unexpected emergency when you attend the finest American Heart Association CPR and BLS classes.

What is CPR?

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is a process that combines rescue breathing and surface chest compressions to help revive an individual who has faced cardiac arrest due to a myriad of reasons including heart attack, stroke, or drowning. This training equips you to help a victim retain blood flow until first responders arrive.

What to Expect in Your CPR Course

From the ABCs of CPR to using an AED machine (the follow-up procedure to resuscitate an individual), our training covers every aspect of CPR for adults, children, and infants.

We provide the most extensive training to give you the self-confidence you need to help save a life.

Why Train With Us?

  1. Be Confident. You can rest knowing you are fully capable to use your skills in any situation that requires life-sustaining CPR.
  2. Trust Experience. We have trained over 100,000 students throughout the USA with our streamlined classes.
  3. Enjoy Simplicity. Enjoy more individual training due to our smaller group size and hands-on style.
  4. Experience Convenience. You can walk away with your AHA-certified BLS CPR card and your CPR Certification First Aid card, same day.
  5. Get Certified. Receive the most widely recognized, accredited, and employer-accepted BLS Certification.

CPR Certification Los Angeles is certified to meet OSHA requirements and is accepted by all employers and organizations, including —

  • Nurses, RNs, and CNAs
  • Hospitals
  • EMT/Paramedic Companies
  • Home Health Aides
  • Daycare and Other Caretakers
  • Schools (Private and Public)
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Construction Sites
  • Personal Training Facilities and Gyms
  • Nursing schools and All Other College Programs
  • Nonprofits like the Boy and Girl Scouts of America
  • Firefighting and Other Municipalities


What do I have to do to qualify for the CPR card?

The requirements for CPR Certification are —

  1. Finishing a written certification test
  2. Completing your skills checkoff

After completing these two tasks, showing you are able to perform CPR, you will receive your AHA BLS CPR card the same day, in class.

All CPR Certification steps are included in the basic purchase. We do not include any hidden fees that you may find with other options.

Can anyone take these courses?

Anyone of any age can take the course and become CPR certified!

When will my certification expire, and how can I renew my certification?

CPR AED Certification and CPR Training require that all training and testing be renewed after two years to keep your certification active and sustain your skill to perform CPR.

Any of our CPR and First Aid classes will satisfy initial certifications OR recertifications — simply sign up on our website for your preferred class time.

How much does it cost to become CPR Certified?

We look forward to assisting you in your certification or renewal!

Both classes include your training, skills check-off, testing, and your certification card. Be careful while exploring other “less expensive” optionsthey may have additional hidden fees later in the process.

How long do the CPR classes last?

Class times are approximately 3 hrs.

In Person CPR Certification Class at CPR Certification Los Angeles

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